• Tarraba
Tarraba this is a small family-owned, handmade, enterprise located in the suburbs of the Dnieper!
90% of the peppers and berries are grown in us and our parents' land. Production volumes are small, so for every process from planting a sunflower seed to spinning the lid, I say, as they say, with my own head! :)
Why are Tarraba Crazy Sauces?
First, every pepper, every berry filled with our frantic care and the frantic energy of the earth, water and sun!
Secondly, each jar only gets insanely beautiful, delicious and clean vegetables and berries!
Thirdly, if you add the first and the second, add a little spice, fancy and good mood, we get a jar of crazy sauce! It can be hellish or a little spicy, spicy or spicy, sweet or sour, and everyone will bring a crazy variety to your present dish!

I wish you a crazy and delicious life!
Constantine Tarabarkin
(the one who answers the head :))
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