Carpathian mountains

Carpathian mountains

Carpathians (Pol. Karpaty, German. Karpaten, Slovak. Karpaty, Hungarian. Kárpátok, Romanian. Carpaţi, Serbian. Carpathians) - mountain system in the east of Central Europe, in the territories of Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Austria. It extends from the outskirts of Bratislava to the Iron Gate for 1 500 km, forming a convex arc that encircles the Middle Danube plain.

The Carpathians are one of the main watersheds of Europe between the Baltic and the Black Sea. They are divided into two sub-provinces - External Carpathians (Western and Eastern) and Inner Carpathians (Western and Eastern). Orographically distinguish the Western Carpathians (the territory of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine - the highest mountain ranges), the Eastern or Wooded Carpathians (the lowest and narrowest part of the Carpathians; the Eastern Carpathians consist of the Eastern Beskids (the territory of Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine), Ukrainian Carpathians (Ukraine) and Moldova-Semygrad Carpathians (Romania), Southern Carpathians, or Transylvanian Alps (territory of Romania).

The prevailing heights of the Carpathians are 800–1200 m, the highest altitude is 2 655 m (Mount Gerlakhovsky Shield in the Tatra Mountains), in Ukraine - Mount Hoverla (2 061 m). The largest width is 430 km. The area of this mountain system is 24 thousand km². In the Ukrainian Carpathians, 20% of all Ukrainian forests grow. The Carpathian Mountains are relatively young, formed in the alpine epoch, with an age of more than 25 million years.

If you have chosen a vacation in Dragobrat 2020 you should know:

Of the existing ski resorts in Ukraine, this one is the highest.

The most inaccessible - not every SUV will get on such a steep summit, so it is better to travel without your car. And special transport is ready to take tourists upstairs.

The most democratic in price with a developed ski infrastructure. In Dragobrat, renting a ski outfit, signing up for lifts will be much cheaper than, for example, in Bukovel.

Trails, lifts, slopes

Dragobrat 2020 will be of interest to both beginners and skiers alike. You can see this by reading the reviews of tourists who have visited there. For leisure lovers:

   \ 10 trails of varying difficulty on the slopes of the Stig and Gemini mountains.

Snowboarding from the very top of the mountain for extremals.

     \ 5 multilifts, 6 lifts (tow and chair lifts).

Skiing, snowboards and even sledding.

Choosing between the resorts of Bukovel, Dragobrat and Vorokhta, many choose the second option. This is facilitated by moderate prices (Bukovel is more expensive) and a large number of descents and lifts (Vorokhta cannot boast of this).

The main thing about Dragobrat 2020 prices

For those who are interested in active holidays in the Carpathians, Dragobrat offers affordable housing prices. Many hotels include room rates for breakfast and dinner. On average, a room with a bathroom and two meals will cost 300-450 UAH per person per day. Possible holidays in Dragobrat with children is inexpensive (for example, babies under two years of residence are absolutely free).

Summer rates are slightly lower than in winter. Reservation of rooms for the New Year comes at a special holiday rate. Also, the room rate will depend on how close the selected hotel is to the lifts.

The main attraction of this resort is the Carpathians - nature and mountain scenery, which you want to enjoy both in summer and winter. Tourists are offered hiking excursions to the tops of Gemini and Stog. Visiting the mountain lakes and waterfalls will also bring a lot of unforgettable experiences and beautiful photos.

Votevil Hotel

Summer holidays in the Carpathians. Winter vacation.For everyone who wants to celebrate their birthd..

280 грн.

Zelena Dacha

Dragobrat is often referred to as the Carpathian Siberia because the snow there can lie six months f..

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